Friday, December 30, 2011

Finaly Getting Started

  Well, the grand daughter got a cute little Brothers sewing machine for Christmas and she and I went out to the fabric store and bought her some sewing supplies. We also picked some fabrics to make a pillowcase for her bed. I plan to use the hot dog method so it will be neat at the fabric change and a french seam for the other seams.
  Her bedroom is pink and green and those are the colors she picked for this project. I picked out some scissors and pins plus found a cute purple tomato pin cushion. Once she learns how to use the machine she will be able to make some pillow cases and maybe more. So tonight while  her parents are out having baby pictures made, she is watching a movie, and I am playing with the machine. I want to be sure of what I am doing when we get started. She tends to not listen when you try and tell her stuff. LOL I am pretty excited that when I got things all opened up and set up I found a DVD with instructions on how to wind a bobbin, thread the machine and make a button home. There are even some video instructions for putting in a zipper foot and making a satin stitch. Very nice for them to have after I am gone.
  I am looking forward to my husband getting here tomorrow night. He will be here for a few days, then we will go home on Tue. or Wed. I am not sure what day we leave. I have a feeling I will cry most of the way home. Leaving my sweet daughter and my beautiful new grandson here so far a way will be hard.
I find that every time I have logged on to write this week I have had to go help with the baby or something, so, if I don't get the chance again, please have a very Happy New Year and stay safe.
Have a very quilty 2012,

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