Monday, January 9, 2012

Reporting From the Not So Sunny Texas

Well, I got home on a lovely sunny morning  Jan. 6th.  Today we have had some dark dreary rainy weather today. We left our daughters husband at his work around 1:30 Wed. the 4th and drove to Vicksburg,MS. We might have been able to drive longer, but there just was no real hurry. We left a little after 7 the next morning and got to my aunt and uncles house in the DFW area around 2:30 that afternoon. We had a short but very enjoyable visit and left there around 8:30 after breakfast Friday. We both were happy to be home. I am glad to be here, but miss my daughter and the baby so much, I just wish they lived closer.
  I told you last week, or so, that I was teaching my granddaughter how to use her new sewing machine, and I thought you might like to see her completed project.  Here she is working on her pillow case, and for some reason I can not find the picture of her with the pillow in the case, but found one of Grandpa G with baby sitting next too the pillow.
And then I found the picture of her laying on the pillow while she was watching a movie. I sure do miss those kids, and I wanted to teach her so much more than I did. She was an eager learner and has so many beliefs that she will be a designer.
  The girls (middle and youngest dd's) will be driving home next weekend so my parents can meet the new baby, and then in a week drive back. MDD will fly up there and drive home, then drive up there and fly home. They kind of wanted me to stay another 11 days and drive home with her and the baby, but I really have to get back to work. I know I was already there, but I have been gone a long time and needed to finish those quilts I was supposed to have for Christmas. I also have a new customer who would like me to make her two new quilts, so even without having a real JOB I do need to work.
  Good to be home, and hoping you all will have a very safe and healthy, quilty New Year.

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