Friday, April 22, 2011

What Are You Doing Today?

Good afternoon, I hope you are having a great day. I am doing the one thing I hate the most in my sewing room and that is looking for a fabric I know I have and I don't know where it is. I brought home some fabrics from the store a while back that I was going to use to design a couple of quilts. Well, having not done any designing I decided I should take it back to them, then yesterday one of the ladies called and said she had some ideas for it. So today I am looking for all that stuff I brought home and thinking I will just take it all back and if I decide to do something use my own fabrics and then be able to bring home the completed quilt or project. I hate putting so much time and so much of myself into something and then have to see it just sit in a box or on a shelf for months if not years and then sometimes just disappear. Yes, they do put my stuff up and promote my classes, but then after the class is over it goes into storage and only occasionally comes out for display or as I said it disappears. The store is moving soon and they don't have any idea how much space or what kind of storage they will have. That means the three or four quilts of mine on the walls may be on the disappearing act soon too. I hate that no one is able to use such well made and functional items. They should be loved.
   Well, I guess that is enough of that, I decided to do something that is cute and productive. I bought this fabric last year for a friend and then we sort of lost touch and I really didn't have a plan for it any way. So since I have the plan for a square bag I want to make to give away filled with some items a woman on the streets might need and not have access to. I decided to try out a modified version of that bag out of this cute Duck fabric. The girl I made them for is a collector of rubber duckies I think she is going to just love these.
  I know I love them, I added some cute ribbons on each one and I used the same ribbons on the zippers as pulls. This one is about six inches long and four or five wide and one and a half deep. I had fun making them and I will be doing a tutorial for the larger bag I am making.
So have a quilty week and the best Easter you have had in a long time. Find a good place of worship and pray for rain.

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Linda said...

I can't wait for the tutorial. I posted a tutorial this afternoon for a very simple bag using a leftover block. Yours is a much nicer bag. (they both serve their purposes, though.) Have a great Easter!!!