Thursday, April 21, 2011

UFO Challenge

  Just a little note to say,that I am supposed to be working on, 10 in the list of UFO's on my side bar.
When it rains it poors right. I go for ever and don't post and then whoops you can't get me to shut up. hahaha Well, that is the way I had planned for this year to be, and you know how the best laid plans of mice and men go, and I didn't do it. Not the whole going with out posting and then posting, but the can't get me to shut up part. LOL Let me see if I can find the fortitude to keep it up, this time and as one of the ladies I read said a little while ago, add 15 min. a day in the sewing room.
  You know I have read a theory by the fairly famous Fly Lady that you can do anything for 15 min. and not get too over whelmed or bored. Well, writing in my blog never bores me and certainly sewing on a quilt or other project never does either. I don't mind washing dishes either and if I didn't have to put them away I wouldn't mind doing the laundry. I don't mind vacuuming but hate to sweep and mop. Go figure!! So let us see how the 15 min. a day works out for me. If you break down an hour it has four 15 min. segments, and I think that makes close to 100 of those segments in a day. Now we all know we have to sleep and eat, and those other things that we don't talk about in mixed company. So that leaves us with about 9 hours a day to do what needs to be done and what has to be done. I say use three of those 15 min. segments in an hour for work related things and exercise and planning meals and ... Then give myself one 15 min. segment to play. So out of my previously figured 9 hours I have 9, 15 min. segments, just for my pleasure. That gives me two hours fifteen min. to sew, blog , garden, or just read a book. Knowing that I need to do more sewing than the others I might choose to give myself all of that time one or two days a week, and only part of it on other days. Making sure that on the days that I use 2 hours 15 min. I get up at least one time and walk around the house and get some water after every two segments. ( haha that is every thiryy min. )Sounds kind of complicated and over the top with segments I know, but I think that Fly Lady had the right idea and somewhere along the way I think it makes me feel better about me to have time to do what I love. Maybe I need to get back to basics with everything and that includes Quilting.
So go use that 15 min. of time for a quilty project and I will see you next time.

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Linda said...

I'm glad to see you're planning a way to do the things you love every day. I feel overwhelmed when I don't have time for something that "feeds my soul". If I know I'm going to have an especially full day, I get up at least an hour earlier so that I have time to just sit and sip my coffee, read my Bible, and go out on the patio to check on flowers. It works for me.