Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Long Time, Quilts Done and More

 Hi all, I am so sorry I have been out of the picture for so many days. I have just been doing things that used to be part of my life all the time and have been put aside for a while. I have been planting flowers, and weeding the garden, and doing some general yard work. I have always enjoyed those things, and some how while taking the antidepressants I have been on I lost my desire for them. The yard has gotten out of hand in that time and I am glad to say just a few hours a  day for a week or so and it is looking much better. I think it would be much better if we had some rain, but so far that has not been part of the forecast in Texas. I know the sad events in the Carolinas with the tornadoes and life taking weather events have been all over the news. However here in Texas we are having devastating fires in North Texas and even in the Austin area. We are having such a drought and praying for rain is not just a daily event but hourly.
   I have also been doing some fun things too. I joined a post card swap for Easter and I have never made a quilted post card before. I sadly had to send them in an envelope, because the first one was too small and then the man at the desk wouldn't let me put a stamp on the fabric. I got frustrated with him over that, considering I have seen others that have been sent in the mail and did just fine. So even though I have not heard that the lady has gotten them yet I want you to see what I sent.
  Well, then I have finally finished the Lizard quilt and it has been delivered. Yea!!!! I loved the way it turned out but never got around to making a photo of the completed quilt. Then having gone to the store last month to see if there were any classes they would like me to get started I was given another snac sak quilt and I have completed that too. Isn't it too cute?
   Now I am on the move again, and starting some other new projects. I have also been working on the UFO's that I have been working on every month. I hate to say but I have not completed any of them. I did get one almost done yesterday and will most likely finish it today or early tomorrow.
  All the yard work has helped me with all that depression I was talking about several posts back. I feel human again and now I have another reason for being excited. My youngest daughter has called me and told me I will be a new grandmother in Dec. I am so happy for her and have already started getting things together to make her a diaper bag and some other layette stuff.
So for this time I am going to sign off and wish each of you a very quilty week.

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Linda said...

A new grandbaby is great for boosting your mood! Flowers blooming and sunshine, even this Texas sunshine without rain, is also good. I hope you have time to do something you love every day!!!