Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Got it started

  Hi there everyone , I have been working on the bag today and I have started my tutorial. I may not be so good at this, but I am giving it my best shot. I have it about half done and as I read over it I realize that I take for granted too much. Like the strap, I will fix it, but right now it does not tell you we are using it in a loop on two ends. I can't even tell you what I mean so I will have to figure it out. I am going to I promise.
  So I have that awful problem at my house again that we have had about every six months or less. The water is off because the pipe from the street to the house is broken, again. We are not sure yet if it is the repair we made last time, or if it is another one. Hubby thinks it may be that he didn't let the glue set up long enough. It had been five days since we had water in the house at that point so he just needed a shower and didn't care. He let it set up for an hour with no leaks, and then turned it back on and took a shower. We didn't cover the hole for two weeks just to make sure it didn't leak again. I guess it didn't hold after all.
  Okay, no more today about my water problems Ugh!!! We thought we might get some rain yesterday, didn't happen. Now they say maybe next weekend, I sure hope so. As it is many in the country are suffering from too much rain, we here in central and south Texas are suffering from the lack of rain. Oh, wow I just got it I am still talking about water. No more, just please pray for rain for us.
  Hubby is off work at his full time job all week. He is still working at his business, only he usually gets emails for those jobs. No email from work and we have not figured out how he can log in to that email from home. He is still getting calls, just not as much as he gets in email. I hope his customers understand when he finally gets back to them. In the mean time he is trying to make some of his time be more like a vacation than just work. I am trying to keep up with him and do home stuff and sewing. Busy!!!
Okay, so I think I am headed out for the night, and tomorrow I will hopefully get the tutorial finished. Until I next get on, you have a very quilty day.

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