Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cake Pans ???

 Hi all, I have spent today and yesterday with my parents and doing research on Cake pans and what they sell for. My mom used to make wedding cakes and other cakes for special occasions. Since she retired several years ago the pans have just been sitting there collecting dust, and dirt dobbers nests. YUK!!! Not sure what the actual word is for those flying bugs that make mud huts to live in. I found three while doing the inventory. None were actually on the pans just up under them and on the shelves. You see the bakery is a add on room and for many years had a hole in the screen door. We begged daddy to fix it, but he just couldn't be bothered. Then he started finding those bugs and then a full on wasp set up house keeping and he did what he should have long before and fixed the screen. Any way I have five and a half pages of cake pans listed as well as almost thirty years of Wilton Cake year books, 8 Wedding cake books and more. She even has two fountains, although I didn't actually see them she keeps them in my old bedroom in the house and I just didn't go there. hahaha I believe she may have spent two or three thousand dollars on all of it total, but doubt someone will want to purchase it for what it cost her. I know we need to ask only a portion of the cost to sell second hand, but I have to tell you some of them look just like they did the day she bought them if they are washed that is. No scratches no rust just the same pan you would get if you bought it new today. The finish that company uses must be pretty good, and I know mother was always careful with her pans too.
Well, sorry there is not quilting in todays post, I promised a tutorial this week and I am working on it so stay tuned and have a quilty day.

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