Monday, April 25, 2011

Hope you had the Best

 Well, yesterday was Easter and the family had a great time together for Worship services and at the Ranch for lunch. Those boiled eggs always make such great deviled eggs, and why do they call them deviled??? Maybe because later in the day they really give me gas. I like mine better than the ones my grandmother used to make. She always used vinegar to make the yolks soft, I use a little pickle juice, mayo and a tiny bit of mustard. I guess every one else likes them too, because we never really have any left over, unless we make way too many.
Today I started a project for my parents. My mom used to make cakes for a living, and she has all these pans and other parts for the process(there's that word again lol) . Daddy asked her to stop making cakes several years ago, because it made him a nervous wreck. Since he usually had to help her deliver them, she agreed. Now years later they have a woman who would like to buy her inventory. Mother has no idea what she has , well she has an idea, and has asked me to inventory them for her. The bakery is a room added to the back of the house and usually does not have A/C. The door is open all the time and it is so dusty and dirty out there. Now it is hot here in the afternoons but early mornings are pretty nice, so I will work in the mornings and probably won't need more than two days. I never have liked being dirty and that room makes me feel dirty, so getting this done quickly is my goal.
So have a quilty spring day ,

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