Thursday, December 2, 2010

This Day

 Well, I have had a completely odd and somewhat hard week. A friend of mine from high school had a heart attack this week. I am eternally grateful that we had a high school reunion this summer. I spent about an hour just visiting with him that evening, and I have thought of nothing more this week. So grateful I had that time to reconnect with someone from my past who meant so much to me so long ago. We never dated and never wanted to, but we were good friends and lost touch over the years. So please take some time at the end of this year and in the new year to reconnect with old friends  Don't be saddened by the loss of opportunity to talk to an old friend.
My dad is still in the hospital and will most likely be there over the weekend. I stayed home today so i could work. I really need to get this next quilt completed and get the hand quilting project finished. I have not been able to work with my injuries from the fall before Thanksgiving, now this. I have very little time to work when I spend a couple of hours a day at the hospital and then mother and I go to lunch or dinner. I know you all have been through those times in life. I got frustrated today when I realized that part of the fabric had been washed and not the other part. Needless to say I had to take time out to do that before I could cut it out. Tomorrow it will be cut out and hopefully I'll start sewing.
So until I am beck have a very quilty time,
Sorry for the less than up post the last few day.

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