Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Spirit

I am having a hard time finding my Christmas spirit this year. However today I got a call from my youngest daughter, the one in Tennessee. This will be her first year to not get to come home at all for Christmas. We had a lovely talk and I started to remember that if we don't get that box in the mail for her and her new boyfriend, it won't be there on time. So I went in search of the the stocking stuffers that I have been buying all year. Especially while I was on vacation. Of course her new special people were not in her life when I started buying, so there are not so many things for them. Funny I have a Barbie dress that I crochet for her when she was a child and never got the closure on it. I am getting it finished and sending it to his little girl. We actually have a pretty good sized box for her. While I was looking for the gifties I found my Christmas spirit. I could even see myself making some new stocking for the family next year. I may even make one for the new child in the family.
So I am still behind on the quilt I am working on. Not that she has any need for me to hurry. She is not waiting for it, she bought the fabric over a year ago. She has told me not to worry about getting it made.  I watched a Christmas movie this afternoon while I was working on it. I have been watching Christmas movies for a week or more. I love them and will miss them when the holidays are over. So tomorrow will be a day of running errands. I already have a list of things to be done.
The boss is wanting me to start a crocheting class in Jan. so I started a dish rag tonight. I have it about half done, and when it is ready I will take it to the store and let her put it up. I have not done much of it since I got the quilting bug. So I will get back to doing that for a while. Not to leave quilting behind I assure you. I love to design new quilts and hope to get those scraps under control for myself and all of you.
Well, off to bed for the night. Have a very quilty day tomorrow.

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