Saturday, December 18, 2010

Working and Cooking

Well, I have made a very cute apron for a friend who is a waitress, I made some bags to mail to my daughter in Tennessee. I have been to the post office to mail  boxes two times this week and I really need to make another trip.  I helped my daughter make cookies last night, today I made four batches of Peanut Brittle. I have the quilt almost made, now I will have to quilt it. Then an income. I finished the dish rag I was crocheting for the class I am teaching next month. I still need to get the fabric and make the PJ pants for the sewing class in Jan. I have two quilting classes, one crochet, three sewing classes. Please pray they will fill up.
  I really need to get this thing behind me that keeps me from setting up an ETSY store. Why does fear keep getting in the way? I look at all the stores, there and I am at least as good as they are. I am better at what I do than some I see. My design for the coffee sleeve I make is better than any I see. They all are willing to give theirs away though and my time is worth more than others think theirs is. Am I just being snutty?
I am working on getting our scraps under control, and I am taking pictures so that when I get is all figured out I can show all of you how I did it. Sorry to say I didn't have time to make any photos of the bags I sent off to TN. I will take one of the apron though, before I wrap it. My camera battery is dead so I have to charge it first. Gonna need to have it ready for next weekend any way ,so now is a good time. Right!!!
Well, I am getting distracted with the movie the kids are watching I gotta go.
Have a very quilty day,


Micki said...

I think your etsy shop would do great!
Go for it!

Patchwork Penguin said...


I got your comment about joining the UFO Challenge...welcome!! Would it be possible to ask you to change your email status from no-reply? That will make it alot easier to get a hold of you.