Friday, December 10, 2010

Happy Day

Well, just stopping by to say hello and I am so happy, today. My daddy is feeling much better and acting right. I had x-rays today and my elbow is not broken, so I don't have to worry about long term issues because I waited to long to see the Dr. Yea!!!!!!
I need to be in the sewing room but I must admit with my arm in so much pain the last week I have not gotten there. I decided today I would write and go there no matter what my arm is feeling like. I want those quilts gone asap so I sew. Pain will not stop me. Besides I have so much I want to do with you I don't want this to go on any longer. Next time we start the scarp project.
So have a scrappy quilty weekend.


Mommarock said...

I'm so glad your daddy is doing better! I would like to hear that your elbow is feeling better though, and hope that you don't over do it. I know the draw of quilting is strong LOL.. I hope you can get in there and do some relaxing without too much ouching.. feel better soon!

Micki said...

So glad taht you dad is better. I hope you feel better soon and the pain eases.