Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Work Done Today

Wow , I have done some serious work in the sewing room today. Sadly it was not a sewing experience. I spent most of the day while I was home cleaning things up in there. You see, that is the only spare room and I will need to have room for a bed on the floor in there. My son and his girl will be staying there for Christmas. They don't mind that it is tight. Only before today they could not have gotten in there at all. I was down to a small path from the door to the chair. Now with just a few more min. of work we can get that bed blown up and ready for them.
Well, my mother is on my list this year, and all she asked for was a set of pans. Now she doesn't even cook anymore, so I thought they were kind of a ridiculous idea. However i was going to get them for her if possible. I tried to order them and they were sold out. So I have been to six or seven different stores that I thought might have them. No luck at all. So today I was shopping and praying about it. I strolled around yet another store, looking for inspiration. Suddenly I remembered the project I have planned for myself. I bought myself two sweat shirts and took the seams out and removed the band at the waist and neck. I have this idea how to quilt it up in french braids. Some how it isn't working out in my head though so I have not started them yet. Any way I bought mother two sweat shirts and I am going to quilt them up for her. I may only get one done before Sat. but i can do the other one next week . Kind of added to my list of things to do, huh? I may be an idiot, to think I can do it, but I sure am gonna try.
I went out this afternoon and met with the lady I am making quilts for, to let her have the one I finished weeks ago. I kind of needed the money and she gets to use it for Christmas. I got a call for another quilt too, so I have work on the way. Is that called an income??? I sure hope it is. I promised the lady today I would try and get her other quilt done by the first week of the year. I still need to get busy with the had quilting project and I have two crochet projects to get finished too. Kind of want to make some goodies for some others that I care about around here too. We will see. I did finish putting the patches on my sons knit hats that he brought me in the summer. Tomorrow I want to hem his t-shirts for him as well. That way I will have them done when he comes and he can take them home with him. Only problem is that is a stitch I have not used often on my serger so I am not sure I remember how to do it. I may end up having to go to the store and have them remind me. I need to get them done he has been so patient and not complained at all that I have had them for almost 9 months and he still doesn't have them back. He is a great son, and I am so happy to have him in my life.
I keep forgetting to tell you, I have joined the UFO challenge for 2011. I have chosen 10 quilt UFO's and numbered them 1-10. The leader of the challenge will then choose a random number each month from Jan. to Oct. That will be the quilt I will work on that month and complete it. That means I will have at least 10 quilts in my UFO box finished by the end of the year. With any luck and some extra time, it might even inspire me to finish some others quilts that I have not added to the list. I will have listed and numbered all of my UFO's by the end of next week. I am almost terrified to know what that number is. I need to not start any more quilts until I have completed the ones I have in progress. More on my goals for next year in another post.
Well, I am off for tonight. Yall have a very quilty day tomorrow.

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Micki said...

You sound like you are going to be very busy!