Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thank You!!

Well, the next group of people I want to say thank you to is you. Without readers my blog would be an on line journal. I know sometimes I repeat myself and sometime I even say I am going to do things that for what ever reason I never get the chance to do. Therefore  saying Thank you to each one of you readers is a very important part of my week of being thankful. To that end I will do my best not to say I am going to do something that I never get around to doing. I will even start in the next few weeks to finish doing the things I have told you I would do in the past. I will be re-reading my past blogs and doing each thing as quickly as I can after I find it.
I also want to thank each one of the blog writers whose blogs I follow. I enjoy reading so many of your blogs and the ideas you offer as well as the lovely photos, you share of the things you are making and the ideas you have. Your creativity is a blessing for me.
So thanks for hanging with me and coming back to visit. Now while I am making gingerbread I hope you will be having a very quilty day,

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