Monday, November 22, 2010

More Thanks

I am so Thankful to have had a wonderful grandmother who taught me to crochet. My moms mother was Grandmother,  and I spent a lot of time with her all of my life. I even lived with her while I was going to college and working full time. We were great friends and she was a great encourager. She taught me to crochet when I was in 7th grade. I made my first baby afghan that year for a friend having her first baby. In the late 70's we got a pattern for a crocheted sweater and since none of us knitted we had never gotten to make sweaters. We took that pattern and we wore it out. Between her, my mom, my cousin and I we probably made 50 or more of those sweaters. My mom hates to crochet so the two or three sweaters she made were odd to see. I think my grandmother even sold some to friends of my Aunt and cousins. I have no idea where that pattern is and I doubt I could make another one now.
Such is the nature of being Thankful, we learn things and we grow together. I am so lucky to have had my Grandparents for most of my life. They both passed in 2002, about four months apart. Papa was 96, and Grandmother died on her 91st birthday. They were a part of my life that I will always be grateful for.
Until next time, have a very quilty day.

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