Monday, November 1, 2010

New month

Well, welcome to November. I am still busy working on the things for the craft show, but today I got four wall hangings almost ready to be quilted, they are lovely trees and I look forward to getting them complete so I can take pictures and show them to you. I made one last year in browns and golds and it sold the first day of the show. I tried to make another one in golds tones, but I made some mistakes and one side is perfect and the other one is ....well lets just say not perfect. I have some ideas as to how I might use it anyway. The reality is I have 8 days at the best to make everything I am going to get made. Then three days of hard work and nervousness. Wondering if I am selling anything or if I made more stuff to have hang around for another year. LOL
On to other things, how have you been spending your time lately? Are you thinking about Christmas yet??? Will you be making things for friends and family for Christmas this year? I will be making gifts this year , but not like I have in the past. The family has decided to draw names and then everyone will add to the stockings. The limit will be 20$ for the gifts, and items for the stocking can not cost more than 10$. Now I have always had a limit of 5$ on what I buy for the stockings and I spend a lot on them. I have a friend who told me several years ago that she didn't do stockings because her children didn't like to have junk like you can put in a stocking. I was very offended, because I search for things that are useful and necessary or helpful. I admit we have a family tradition of playing cards being the best souvenir for each other when we travel and we give them in stockings. So my children have a lot of playing cards. This came in handy when we learned a card game a few years ago called Hand and Foot, that takes 6 decks of cards or one more deck than you have people playing, and it is best that you have an even number of people playing. We love the game and play it often, so ,many decks of cards, is a good thing. We are talking about taking a family vacation next year instead of giving gifts. It will be my 30th anniversary, and we always said we would take a cruise for that anniversary, so why not make it a family vacation. This way we have a year and a month or so to save our money so we can make it the best vacation ever.
Well, after this craft show is over we will get those scraps in order and start making small quilts and large ones, but mostly getting them under control. Making them into something we can use easily and readily and store in an orderly fashion. Until I have a chance to stop back in and write, yall have a very quilty time. Think about being thankful this month, and letting someone you are thankful for know how you feel.


QuiltSue said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your tree quilt(s).

BJ in TX said...

Learned Hand & Foot from a friend in North Dakota a few years back - and until now, never found another soul who knew how to play! Taking a cruise at Christmas seems like a very good idea - we've been considering it in our family as well.

Good luck at your next show!