Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Turns Out To Be Pretty Good Day

  Hello, all my followers, I have noticed the strangest thing when I logged in today to write this post. I hope blogger is just having a glitch because it says I am not following any other blogs, and I am pretty sure I am following , well a lot of blogs and I would hat to have lost my list. Now on to other things, I will just trust that this is a temporary glitch and move on.
  I started to day with a stressed feeling about the quilt I am working on. Yesterday I worked all day, and what I did most was rip out the seams I had put in Mon. and most of the ones I put in yesterday too. I was almost afraid to sit down to the machine today. I hate days like that and I hate feeling like I wasted my day. Now after working all day I feel so much better. I did not get all 10 blocks made, but I got enough of them made that I do feel much better. Turns out I seem to have missed a few parts when I was cutting my pieces for my blocks. Tomorrow I will finish those cuttings and then put together the last of the blocks and begin putting the top together. I actually hope to get it done and then I will know if I have any fabric left over to add to the last one I made. I would like for it to be a little larger than it is and the customer would like to have it for the 30th. Then I want to finish the other one in the next day or two after that. Making money Yea!!!!!!
  As you may have guessed I have been kind of busy and that is why I have not written. I went out late yesterday afternoon to see if I could find a piece of fabric that has an elephant on it. I am going to a family reunion this weekend and it will also be my Aunts birthday. My Aunt has collected a few things over the years of my life and the first one was Elephants. She had a glass case with them and since she was also my baby sitter I have may memories of those Elephants in my childhood. I did find some fabric, but it is baby fabric and has other jungle animals on it. I shall cut out the ones I want for my Aunt and save the others for my daughter. She is using Giraffes for the babies room, and this fabric has some very cute ones. I should have taken a photo, but never got around to it. I will after the bag is made. This reunion has given my immediate family an excuse to get together for the weekend at a destination, so that is what we will be doing. We have only one distillery in Texas, and my daughter was given a bottle of their Whiskey for her birthday. They only release 4000 or 5000 bottles every two years, and hers was made in 2008. We are going to the distillery for a tour on Fri., then we are heading over to  Luckenbach for a little
fun in the sun. That is the small town from Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings fame, and as a single girl I used to spend a lot of time there. Now my children want to check it out for them selves. We took them there as younguns, but they don't really remember it much. Then Sat. we will go to the reunion and enjoy the family. Sun. we will visit some of the places we spent a lot of time at when the children were young. The state park in Kerrville, and some of the shops in Fredricksburgh. Then we will kiss and say goodbye and everyone will head off into their own directions home. Two of the girls will not be with us and I am sad about that, but the baby is in TN and the oldest just can't find the time to join us. It is a days drive for her and the family too, even though they are in TX. I really thought that with them in TX we would get to see them more often and it just has not happened.
Well, guess that is it for today, and since we will be out of town Fri., thru Sun. I hope you all have a very quilty weekend and I look forward to talking to you next week.

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