Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sad Things Happen

  I know I have told you all that my daughter moved to Chattanooga,TN last summer, and since that time she and her husband have divorced, and she has remarried. Well, her ex has also gotten a new girl friend who moved to live with him from TX. Last Thurs. they experienced the most horrific thing I can think of to happen other than losing a family member. They lost their home (rented) Thurs. night to fire. They lost everything, home, vehicles, phones, computers, and clothes. My ex son in law went back in the house after they got out to try and find his cat. He was sent to the hospital, with second and third degree burns, on his hands and face.   The red cross put them up in a hotel for a couple of days, until they could find an apartment to live in. The girls family came and got her a car, and phone, and maybe computer. They are on line, so it could be phone with internet access. It breaks my heart that they still have not found the cat, although the firemen said they did not find her body in the house. I am so sad for them, and their loss, and if you are a praying person please add them to your prayers. Both of his parents are deceased, so he does not have them to fall back on. Fortunately his furniture was financed, and there is a clause in that financing that will replace it in case of a natural disaster.

Well, along those same lines, just down the road from us in Leander they are still fighting a grass fire that at this point has destroyed fifteen home, seven vehicles, and damaged two homes. There have been two fire fighters hospitalized from heat exhaustion, and two home owners from smoke inhalation. I am so very sad for everyone who has lost so much, and having my ex-son in law go through it at the same time, really makes me more aware of how terribly painful this must be for those who have lost so much. Kind of makes me want to wrap every one of them in a new quilt, I just don't have the ability to make that many that fast.
Well, I know this is a sad post , sorry for that, but any prayers are appreciated for all involved, so I chose to share. Until next time have the quiltiest week.

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