Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Imagine That

  Here it is another week and I have not gotten to get back on and posted. I truly intended to get back on the next day, and for the first time in a long time I had writers block. I logged on and read a lot of the blogs I follow and intended to write, but just couldn't figure out what I had to say. Today I am back and feeling pretty good about it.
  I have been trying to get my Mom to do something with her time other than just watch TV, read books and play games on the computer. She is talented in several ways, but has a lack of confidence. In her mind she is not talented at all, but I know she is. Suddenly she pops up with this kit she bought for my daughter. No,not for my daughter to make, but for her to make for my daughter. You see, my darling daughter, has developed a love of penguins in the last few years. So when mother found a kit of a latch hook rug, that is a Christmas penguin she bought two. Enough said she has completed this one and will start the next one now.
I think it is just too cute and I am sure my daughter will love it when she gets it. She will love both of them as a matter of fact.
   Then I told you last week about the quilt I started for our friend who is expecting her first baby in a little over six weeks. I get from Facebook that she may be having a baby girl, but did not really use girl colors. Now that the top is finished and I am pretty happy with it, I am looking at what I will do for the backing. I have some of the strips left over and I thought I would use them for part of the backing. However I started that process late yesterday afternoon, and it turns out that the strips won't make as much of the backing as I thought it would. So needless to say I am still working that out. However I thought I would show you the top at least .
 I decided to use a brick pattern, that I have never used before. I thought I liked it when I started, but it kind of did too much of a pattern, because of the colors. I think I could have done a different brick pattern if the stripes had not been so long. I wish I had changed it up after I saw the way it would look, but hind sight is what it is. I took a close shot so you can see the cute little bugs that are the patterns on the different fabrics. I will use those same bugs to quilt it. I do this thing with my thinking and I can see a way to make it continuous line. Won't those little worms and butterflies, or moths as you want to take it.
Then there are those really cute water bugs, what are they called???? I can't remember, but anyway I can see in my mind they will all work out .
  Along those lines, I saw a post on Twitter today asking quilters and sewers out there what do they use for designing their quilts, the computer, or the more traditional paper and pencil. I don't use either until the actual start time. Then sometimes, I use paper and pencil, but mostly I don't use that for drawing a design, but for figuring size of squares and blocks. Now I ask is this the way you do it, or am I an odd bird as I felt when I answered her question. Well, it is my goal to finish this quilt and the first of the mans pants quilts today. Okay so maybe not the quilting, but the tops and back, so that I can do the quilting tomorrow and Thurs. I need the baby quilt for Sat. and I need to make some money before the weekend to pay some bills. So, I am off to the sewing room to work this out.
Yall, have a very quilty week and I will be back soon.

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Linda said...

The rug is wonderful! I'm sure your daughter will love it not only because it is so nice, but because her grandmother made it for her!
The baby quilt is also really nice! I'm not sure what kind of water bugs you are talking about. I see caterpillars, dragonflies, and lady bugs on the fabric. Cute!
When I design a quilt I sit down with my sketchbook and draw a picture of it. Then I pull out a huge piece of paper and start drawing off my designs. I wouldn't even know how to start designing it on the computer, but then I design applique. If I did a lot of piecing and blocks, that might be different.