Thursday, August 11, 2011


  Okay this was not the original first line of this post, but it is now. The top pic. is from the magazine I got last week, and the bottom one is the mans pants quilt I have been showing you and talking about. Looking at these two pictures together I see a mistake I made when I made mine. So sad, but I will make the next one the correct way. For sure not going to remake it though. 
  Well, I posted a few pictures of the mans pants quilt, I have been working on. Then late last week I got my current "Quiltmaker" magazine. Guess what I found in it? Yes, you are right I found the pattern I used for that quilt. Now I got the pattern from a magazine , but it was one block of a two block quilt. I decided it would make a nice interlocking pattern that would look interesting and not like a man's pants. So here are the photos, one of the picture in the magazine, and the others are of my quilt.
  I have been hard at work since I last checked in. I put in about 15 hours on Tue. trying to make up for lost time while I was sick. It was partially a waste since the pieced back I was working on for the baby quilt just didn't turn out at all. I decided I will take it apart and use the strips for a Seminole quilt that I have been wanting to make for some time. I am in a yahoo group called learningfiberarts, and they give classes on different things. The Seminole was one I took that I am excited about, but feel like I need to finish some of those UFO's first. I love the group, we have conversations and classes. I got my tub of UFO's out this week and it is full to over flowing. As I promised I am working on taking some pictures of each one that I will post here eventually. The one I want to finish the most is the class I am working on. I have gotten that block on it like I had for writing here. That one has not been so easily removed as the one for here has been. I am determined though so I will get it kicked out of the way eventually. LOL Problem is I didn't do the cat block as a paper piecing project and I guess I should have. I don't have Adobe so I can't use PDF's and I am concerned about that. See my dilima ?
Well, we are making reservations for our family reunion which is coming up in a couple of weeks. So excited too, we are hearing rumors that one of my cousins I have not seen since I was 9 or 10 is going to get to be here. He is the son of a first marriage and has lived in North Carolina all his life, so we just have not gotten to see him that much. His mom was always good about keeping in touch, but they didn't have the money to come to TX. My family went and got them once, but it was a hard drive home with three adults and three children in the car, on a non stop drive. We slept in the car, UGHHHHH !!!!
Well, I am off for now we are having dinner with a friend for her birthday, I was gonna make her something and I ran out  of time, so guess I will raid my stash of stuff for the craft show in Oct. Until next time yall have a very quilty week.


Linda said...

How exciting to find a cover quilt in the same pattern as the one you just made. I love your pants quilt, mistake or not! You did a great job on it. Just give it a different name and tell everyone you did that intentionally. Who's to know?

Kim said...

I think your work is really exceptional, this looks like lots of hard work but with good results in the end. I've decided to award you with the Versatile Blogger Award. Hope you'll come and grab it