Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Late Wed.

  Well, I love the way some have wordless Wed. and Fun Fri., or other cute ideas. I don't have any of those and I most likely won't, even though I enjoy them. Today I worked on the second quilt made of the mans pants. I got the centers made and started some of the pre sewing of the remainder of the block. While I was doing that, I realized I had not cut one of the small pieces . Sadly there are four of that piece on each block and since the last one turned out so much smaller than I had anticipated, I am making 20 block. Well, you can do the math, I need a lot of them and I am almost out of the fabric again. I really need the last of the legs to make the borders on this quilt and hopefully have enough to make the first one a little bigger than it was. I know it can be fine as it is, but bigger would be better.
  I was so busy all day that I didn't have time to get on the computer, and now after checking my four emails, and facebook, here it is 11:00PM. I have gotten into a really bad habit of staying up until after midnight and then not getting out of bed until after 8. Yes, it is the same approximate amount of hours, but I still want to quit in the sewing room after dinner. One night last week I stayed there until after 11, but most days I don't. Today I decided, I was making too many mistakes and had to quit. So, I am off to get some sleep. Until next time have a very quilty week.

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BJ in TX said...

I admire anyone who can sew during the late afternoon hours, much less at night! I am definitely a morning person - and that is reflected in whatever I'm working on. I was just thinking yesterday that I am about done with EVERYTHING around 3:00 pm....and sometimes that even includes dinner! (That's why we have crockpots tho, right?)