Friday, June 5, 2009

Yellow Rose of Texas

I am working on a small quilt exchange and I am excited by the idea as well as the quilt I am making. I have titled it Yellow Rose of Texas and I am supposed to keep it quiet as to who it is going to. This is a surprise for the recipient. I won't post any photos of it until I think it has gotten to where it is going. It has a long way to go so that may be some time at the end of the month or the beginning of July. I talked to my daughter today in the email and I may be going to see her this month or at the end of summer. I am not sure which yet. My parents are planning a trip and they want me to go with them so I am going to talk to them about it tonight when we go to dinner together. My cousin's daughter is getting married tomorrow night so my girls are going to the rehersel and the the dinner tonight. Then we will all go to the wedding tomorrow night. I don't look forward to it for the simple reason that I need to dress up and I don't really have anything to dress up in. I bought a suit that I thought I might wear to my daughters wedding reception in Dec. and didn't so I guess I could pull that out and wear it. It has never been worn.
I went to serger club this week and made a pillowcase on the serger. It was fun and the pillow case is too cute. I will take a picture of it and post it soon. My daughter Aften wants it to take on her cruise in Aug. It is a travel related fabric so will make a nice travel case to make sure she doesn't leave her pillow anywhere. Well, back to the sewing room to work on the quilt in question. hahaha
If you believe you can achieve it you can

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Marit said...

Thank you for your kind comment on my blog. It was a lot of fun fussy cutting the birds and playing with colors. Wikipedia says twitter can be used as a word describing the birdsong, and that was what I was referring to. Sorry for the confusion. I do not twitter myself

; )