Friday, June 12, 2009


Lets face it the last few posts I have done were just babble and I am sorry for that I have been sort of sick this week but not really, if that makes any sense at all. I have felt rotten and I have not had any inspiration even though I have completed a couple of thing. I want to post my mini quilt so bad and I sent off a Birthday block this week and I forgot to take a picture of it to post. I am so sorry for that. I usually make two of each so I will have a quilt of the birthday blocks that I have made when the year is over. So when I get mine made tomorrow or next week I will post that picture. I had wanted to post some really great information but I can't remember what it was and that frustrates me to no end. so have a great weekend and I will too. Gotta go to my youngest daughters for her hubby's birthday party tomorrow in another town, so it will be a late night tomorrow.

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