Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Title Angst

Well, I read other blogs and they always have such catchy titles and I find that the hardest part of this blog. I usually don't really know for sure what I will write about when I get started so I guess I need to title it after I write it. There you have it.
So today is the day I have chosen to reveal my mini quilt I have sent out to my swap partner. I do hope she has gotten it already since I did really want it to be a surprise for her. I have not gotten mine from my swap partner yet but I do look forward to it. I did get a lovely package day before yesterday with my final quilt square for my birthday blocks. Added into it was a lovely piece of purple rose fabric. I know I will use for something wonderful for myself for a change. I had thought I would use it for someone else but decided it would be for me today.The lady I got it from was in the process of moving when it was my birthday and hers was just a week later. So we all held her blocks until she got moved and in her new house. Now we all have sent hers to her. I have to get one ready for July, the June one is out already.
The latest quilt I am working on is almost done and I will take the pictures of it and post them with the denim quilt and my new squares the first part of next week. This is the second quilt in the quilt made from a mans cloths. I will be out of town this weekend visiting my Aunt and Uncle. I am sure we will have a good time.
I had a mammogram today and I do hope any one reading this will make sure you get yours done just as soon as you can if it has been a while. The new digital imaging make it so much less painful, so just go get squished. I DID! lol
Well, the weather has been scorching hot and is supposed to continue to be that way. I think I will be inside quilting while it is so hot outside.

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Mishka said...

Hi Tennye

The email address you used to enter the Summertime swap on the Quilting Gallery site bounced.

Can you please email me with the correct email address and I'll send you the swap confirmation.

Quilting Gallery