Thursday, January 10, 2013

Great Vacation and Quilt Finally Delivered

 Hello and Happy New Year to each and every one of you. I had a very nice vacation with my husband. We traveled to visit our youngest daughter and her family for the New Years holiday. We left on the 28th and spent the night with my Aunt and Uncle in the DFW area. We got up early on Friday morning and headed for Tennessee.
   We had a little problem with our car on the way and had to have it repaired before we could continue our trip. That being said we were delayed two and more hours . It made us late enough that we were too tired to continue the drive. We found a hotel for the night and got some good rest. We got up early the next morning and found a Waffle House for breakfast.
 Finally made it to our daughters house about 10 that morning. We sure were glad to be there and the kids were as glad to have us as we were to be there. Our precious grandson seemed to remember us even though it is three or four months between times we have gotten to see him. It is amazing how smart those little ones are.
   He turned 1 Dec. 13th his sister turned 11 Dec. 10th, and then on the 2nd of Jan. his daddy turned 37. They have a busy winter with birthdays since it all starts with my daughter in Nov.
  Our friends who live in TN were able to come visit with us for a couple of days, it is so good to get to visit with them. They are the kind of friends you don't see for long
 Periods of time and just pick up like you saw them the day before. We always enjoy our time in TN with the kids. They wanted us to go see the top of Look Out Mountain where you are supposed to see 5 states. However the weather was raining and nasty, so even though we took the incline tram up and back down all we saw was the top of some thick clouds.
 I have a picture and I think it is very cool. My daughter does not like the tram so she and the baby drove to the top in our van, and then back down. We then went to a surprising cafe in a grocery store. The food was great, but had I been told to try it with out my son in law having already done so, I would not have gone.
On our trip home we stopped in DFW and spent the weekend with my Aunt and Uncle. Other than just stopping on a trip to TN we have not had time to visit them in almost a year. They are not just family, but friends and we always enjoy visiting them. During the visit I delivered the second quilt of clothes to the family who commissioned them to be made. As you can see the one I have photoed in this post. I was unable to take pictures of the first one I had my daughter deliver earlier in Dec. while she was in DFW for a training with her job. I used blues as sashing on that one, but the blocks are almost the same in both quilts. I have not heard from them, but I think they are happy with both of the quilts.
  Well, I have a lot of things that I need to get done in the next couple of weeks, and now it seems my mother is having a problem with her refrigerator, so I guess we will need to go find one. I hope it holds out until we can get a new one delivered. So I will be helping her with that. Until next time I do hope yall will have a very quilty New Year.

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BJ in TX said...

Glad to hear you had a safe trip! Those grandchildren will tug at your heart strings for sure.

By any chance, are you going to the quilting conference in Austin in February?