Wednesday, January 16, 2013

2013 Challenges

   Well, the group of ladies I first met in an on line group did an exchange a couple of years ago of signature blocks that would make either a wreath or a Christmas tree. I have the pattern that will make the star for the top of the tree, or I can make the wreath. The wreath is what I think I would like to make out of mine. We have one or two ladies who have completed their projects, and the rest of us need to complete ours. So we have issued a 2013 challenge to the remainder of the group
   who still need to finish ours, complete them by Aug. 2013. I have added to this challenge completing my own birthday block quilt. I have posted pictures of those block in the past, but here are a few of them just to remind you or show them off to those who may not have seen them before. Some of the other ladies also added their Birthday blocks to the Aug. challenge. So as soon as I get the commissions I have completed and my grand-
daughters birthday gift finished. This challenge will be my first priority for 2013. Along that same line, I have also made the commitment to go back and do the Free Motion Quilting projects from 2012, give them my attention. You see I had thought I would be able to do each of the Challenges they put out last year and improve my FMQ. I just got too busy and I never finished even one of the challenges. Then on my visit with my daughter in TN, my granddaughter
 commented on the commission quilt I had with me on the trip. She asked me why I always quilted in those swirly lines.I asked her why she asked" Did she not like the way that looked?" She said" no I like it okay, but that is the same way you quilted my quilt. I thought maybe it was the only way you quilt." So I explained to her it was a quicker way of quilting and I used it
 when I am in a hurry or behind on a quilt. I also told her I had just learned to do it when I made her quilt and that is why I used it for her quilt. She was happy with that. I however came to realize I need to be a better FMQ'er, and the only way to do that is to practice, practice, practice. The challenge projects should help me with that.  I will use these projects I have been challenged to complete this year, I may even use them on each block of my birthday block quilt. Quilt as I go, and
finished faster and easier.
  I do love these blocks, and I have not looked at them in a while, I look forward to finishing this quilt.  i have not made a quilt for me that is complete yet. I have either given them all away or sold them. I will love having a quilt that I made. Maybe I will even finish the one I have 2/3 completed for my hubby this year. I will not load on to myself the weight of complete all UFO's.

 Until the time I am able to get back with you yall have a very qilty week.

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