Friday, January 25, 2013

Resolutions or Revalations

  I have been reading other blogs and my groups, and it seems reorganizing the sewing room is the main resolution I have seen. Wow, some of you are very creative and down right genius with the methods you come up with for controlling your stash and organizing your fabric pieces. My favorite is the mini bolts so many of you have come up with. I will be checking out making some of those. I am also going to get out those little scraps and get them pressed and cut up for future use ,then going to add the hst's to the boxes. I have been sewing them to begin seams and end seams. So I need to press them and sort them in color ways. Now, I am not going to get too crazy and say I will be getting everything organized and cleaned up. I would like to, but I know I won't. I am sure I would love the end result, but I would also get started and not sew for months because the sewing room is all messed up. Okay, enough of that.
  I had two new quilting magazines when our life fell apart back in Oct. Nov. time frame. I found them Sat. and they were open to the last page I had read, so I picked up  the oldest one and started reading. By mid day Sun. I had finished that one and started on the next one. One article I read that made an impact on me was "New Recipes for Leftovers" By Bev Getschel. She suggests you make an extra block with each quilt you make and then at the end of the year you have a great sampler quilt for that year. She saves extra borders and small blocks as well. I may just try that out, if I am making my own quilts. Then again I have so many Unfinished quilts I might not want to add any more to what I am doing. LOL
  Well, I started this a few days ago and I really don't have anything to add. So until I see yall again, have a very quilty week.

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Mommarock said...

I found a great fabric folding tutorial on Pinterest where they demonstrated how to fold all of my fabric in a way that they all looked lovely. I think it was everything from a yard down. It was simple and everything looks great on my shelf now. I didn't need to buy any boards or anything special. Now everything looks like fat quarters and stacks nicely. I just tried to put things in color order after that and, WOW what a difference. I kept the larger cuts separate. It is nice to mark those with how much fabric is in them so when you need say 6 yards of white you can grab exactly that cut and not waste a 7 yard cut when you have the exact cut right there. Use what you have for a while and whittle down that stash until it is manageable, the shot til you drop!