Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

  Well, I have not been up to posting for some time now, I am sorry for that and hope to get back to it in January. Hubby and I will be going to see our daughter and the new little one in a few days and I am still working on a commission due yesterday. Technically it was due a couple of weeks ago and with the funeral and hospital stays just prior to my dads death I got behind, by a couple of weeks. Then the second week in Dec. I came down with a horrible sinus infection that put me in bed for 5 days. Ughh! I am still dealing with the effects and just happy I can say I feel good even though my nose is still running and my head is still a little fuzzy. My sinuses hurt so bad that I broke my little toe in the middle of the night while I was at my worst and never even realized it was that bad. Still got a bruise on my toe and the top of my foot 2 weeks later. LOL
   I have a feeling that next year is going to be amazing, and my family and I will look back on this year and wonder how we could have made it through. I have big plans for lots of sewing and getting caught up on my own quilting projects. So until January yall have a very happy New year and a quilty 2013.

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BJ in TX said...

Happy New Year! I think we are ALL due some joy in the new year, right? At least it has to be better than 2012 was. Keep us posted on those quilting projects - I'll be waiting!