Thursday, May 3, 2012

Last Day of Vacation

   Hello all, well just wanted to cover the last few days of my vacation before we move on to things we talk about most often quilting and sewing. Fri. my lovely daughter had to work, so I spent the last full day with my amazing grandson. I did most of my packing that day knowing we would be very busy Sat. and not wanting to wait until Sun. morning.
  The granddaughter had 3 games on Sat. and since the 1st one was 9:30 AM I missed
that one. I stayed home with the baby, while mom was working. She came in after work and we all loaded up the car and headed out. The weather had been so cool I never thought about suggesting we load up some water and cool drinks. That was a big mistake, since we were in for the long haul. The next 2 games were back to back on the same field and with the same team. I have posted some pictures of the first game we watched , but my camera battery died before that one was over.
   We got a surprise when we got there, as the coach for the opposing team was my son in laws cousin. He coaches his daughters team, so that meant cousins were playing against each other. I had met them Christmas when I was there for the baby's birth, so they recognized me.
  Thank goodness my daughter did think to bring sun screen, but I missed a few spots and I got a little burn. Gratefully I don't suffer from little burns, so my flight was not as miserable as it could have been. It was only my chest and nose, I just didn't think
about my chest and missed my nose or I sweat it off. I had one of those "why me" things happen while we were there. I walked over to the power aide machine to get water. The coke truck had just left so I was not expecting it to be really cold, but I did expect water. What I got was the one flavor of Power aide I dis like the most, grape. I needed the liquid so I drank it, but really why did it have to be the only flavor I truly despise. Funny I love grape jelly, but that is as far as the grape goes for me.
 Well, I have gone on for long enough. I had a great flight home, and on the first leg of my trip I road with a lovely woman who was going to see her son in El Paso, TX . That is where my oldest daughter lives and I sure wished I could get on her flight with her and go to see them. I may have said something earlier, about the fact that the day I left for TN, that particular daughter flew into San Antonio. My girls drove down there and visited with her for a few hours that night, so I had just missed her. I was sad, but how sad can you be when your getting to see your new grandson. We moms are pulled in different directions all the time.
  Well, that is it for my vacation, so tomorrow we will talk about the quilting I still need to do. Until then yall have a very quilty day.

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