Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I am Home!!!

 Hello, welcome to my blog. I have been out of the state as many of you know and I am so happy to be home. On the other hand I am so sad to have left my sweet grandson and the family there.  We had a great visit, and we had some fun. The first week my son in law was invited to make a trip to Atlanta and bring his wife for a work thing. They took me along to take care of the baby while they were off doing the things they were invited to. I was treated very well, and had a great time with the baby. It was a good time for him and I to get to know each other better. I was surprised he seemed to recognize me when I got there. Turns out I am that grandmother I thought I wouldn't be.Posting pictures of my grandchildren. (I would add those of the girls if I had more.)  We spent the afternoon at World of Coke on the day we were heading home. I was impressed with the displays and the films we got to see.  I won't post all of them, but just a few.
  These are bottles created from many different countries that show something or some one that represents that country. The first room we went through had coke machines and dispensers from the beginning. My dad collected coke bottles most of my life, and my cousin collected all things coke, so this was a very interesting display and kind of a trip down memory lane for me.
 The amazing advertisements from over the years were fun to see and often I thought wow, I remember that one.
 This sofa was set up for photo opps as was the bear you see me and the baby with.

Who hasn't had a coke Santa memory? I have always thought they were the best Santa's.
This particular coke is a Texas coke and I just had to get that picture, don't you know. LOL

Well,this post doesn't have much about quilting, or sewing, but I will get back to that soon. So until I am back with more about my trip yall have a very quilty day.

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Linda said...

I was also off visiting my grandkids when you made your trip. I missed all this and I'm catching up! Your grandson is adorable!!
We used to live not far from Atlanta (in Athens) and have been tot he Coke museum. It's a lot of fun tasting the different flavors.