Wednesday, May 2, 2012

More About my Visit

  Howdy, more on my vacation. Well, here I am again and this is my daughter and her hubby and I with our 4D glasses on. The movie was too cute, it was an extended version of a super bowl commercial, but I don't remember what year.
There is my hansom grandson again, in his baby bed. He does not sleep there unless it is for a nap. That room is too far a way from mom.
  Well, after I had been with the kids for a week, my hubby joined me. He needed to go see his dad and sister so he was not able to stay for long. He has not been to see his dad in about 2 years, and his dad just got out of the hospital with pneumonia. I am happy to say he is much better, but that also means  hubby and him just stayed at home. 
   The night before we took him to the airport we all went out for dinner. I took that opportunity to get a few pictures of him and the kids, as well as the baby.
 Isn't that baby the cutest???? We sure think he is.
   Thursday daughter and I decided to go walk over the longest walk bridge. She was not sure how to get where it was , so we roamed around for a little bit. In the process I saw some beautiful gardens up on the hill, and some great old buildings. Turned out when we figured out the right road, we were just a short walk from those houses and gardens. We had to walk across a glass walk bridge to get there. Turns out it was going to a museum.
 The gardens had wonderful art work in them and the old houses were almost all turned into restaurants. 
  This lovely house is a bakery, and we were going to get some bread, or baked goods from there, but you know how that goes. We walked around for so long and by time we decided it was time to go , we forgot to get the baked goods.

   Love this clock!!!
This is the longest walk bridge, that as you may know we never got around to walking over. By time we had walked through all the gardens, we just didn't think we wanted to walk that far.
  Such an interesting part of town to visit, and I am sure next time I am there we will go back and see what the district has to offer in the line of food.
  Until next time yall have a very quilty day.

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Linda said...

He's so cute! (Your grandson, I mean!) He looks like he's pretty interested in the camera.