Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sunny Saturday

 Hi, friends I have had a very different start for my Sat. Hubby is not working today, and that always makes him change my day. I like my Sat. mornings, but today hubby had a different idea. I was going to mow the back yard Thurs. but the mower pull broke while I was trying to start it. Some one gave hubby a practically new mower a few weeks back, so I used that one today. I really like my Sat. mornings usually, and I don't mind mowing usually. Today however I got those things mixed up and I don't like to do that. Sat. is the only day of the week I don't have to get up early, and I don't feel guilty about reading for a while before I get up and get dressed. Hubby's new job is starting to interfere with my routine more than it has already.
 Oh well, life goes on. I did find some extra time from  getting things back to normal around the house after being gone for a couple of weeks. So I used that time to go into the sewing room and do some minor sewing. I told you that I made my granddaughter a beach bag for Easter. Well, now her mom is asking for one too, and since my mom bought her a refrigerator bag for grocery shopping and I will be mailing her a box, I thought I would go ahead with that. I have some scraps cut into squares in the pink, my daughter likes. So I have sewn them together and now I am considering how I will either quilt this fabric, or just back it and go forward. I have a plan in mind but have not done one like this before so I am not quiet sure if I know how. I wish I had a picture, but still not sure if I know how to make the shape.
 Well, sorry to say I am getting hungry and I still have to do more yard work, so I will leave you for today. Yall have a happy cinco de mayo now okay!! Have a very quilty weekend.

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