Saturday, May 21, 2011

What a Mess!!!

 Well, I have had such a busy week and as such a somewhat disappointing one. Maybe it has actually been two weeks. We have had some company and I have had some customers from the past show up unexpected. One is a lovely young lady who has had me work on her prom dresses for the last few years. Apparently last year she had no need of my expertise, but this year she does. Her dress has a train on it, which she would like to have taken off and she also would like it to be a little tighter around the waist and hips. I thought I could do the job so I told her to bring it to me. Turns out she needs it for today and to do what she wants done I would have to take the dress apart. I am sure it would take me at least a couple of days and since I don't have that much time I have called her and told her I can not do the job. I hate to do that, it does not hurt my pride, but makes me feel defeated. I know it is possible to do, I just need more time. I guess she will learn she needs to give me more time if she needs my help again. I think this is her senior year though so from now on formals will most likely be purchased in another town. I wish her well and am sorry I could not do the job for her.
  Then her dad, called me, and asked me to hem some pants for him. He said there were four pairs but I only got three, so I will get those done Monday and he will be happy when I call him. He does not live with his daughter so he did not know that I had her dress when he called me.Add three pairs of men's pants to the floor of the sewing room.
  Remember the quilts I made a while back for the lady who lost her husband. One of the quilts has a need for a repair and she now wants to go on with the baby/wall quilts to have for the grandchildren when they start coming. So she gave me a large bag of clothes she still had to add to the ones I still have here. Add one very large bag to the floor of the sewing room.
  Last weekend one of our friends came to town and brought with her a large bag of clothes she wants me to use to make two quilts for her boyfriend and his brother. The clothing mostly t-shirts are from their mother who passed away in Feb. She wants them for Christmas gifts for the guys. Add one very large box to the floor of the sewing room.
  I told you about the cake pans I did inventory on for my mom a few weeks ago. Well, before the inventory my girls and I picked out some we wanted to keep. We put them in some bags and put them in middle daughters car. She and her sister are out of town this weekend and before they could go they needed to empty the trunk. Add two large bags to the floor of the sewing room.
  Needless to say the floor of my sewing room is a mess and since I am doing most of the hand quilting I am working on in the living room I guess it isn't such a bad thing, but it sure is a mess.
Have a very quilty weekend.

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Linda said...

My sewing room is a mess, too, and it makes me feel bad just looking at it! I'm sure you're feeling overwhelmed! Just take one bag at a time and it will slowly disappear!