Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Monday To You All

  Well, here it is Mon. and I feel like I should not do anything but quilt. I had a lovely day yesterday just relaxing and spending some time outside. The weather was cool and clear and I did some light yard work, and then read for a couple of hours. Later hubby cooked pork chops on the grill and I made a salad and baked potatoes.  We put it all on the patio table and had a nice meal out there. When we finally came into the house we chose a movie and watched it, then it was still pretty early so we picked another one and watched it too. Still got to bed before 11.
  As for projects I have a dozen or two that I am itching to get started on for my new grand baby. I know I have time since it isn't due until Dec. It sure is hard not to get started on those things instead of doing what I am supposed to. Which I really should be doing now instead of writing, but I miss writing so here I am for today.
  I miss it so much when I am away that I wrote "in my head" an entire blog Fri. afternoon while I was quilting. Of course when I finally pulled out the computer to check my email I didn't take the time to write. Now I can only remember snippets of what I wanted to say. It had to do with exchanges on Yahoo groups and the differences in effort seen by different individuals.
  Have any of you done any of those kinds of exchanges? I have done a few, we did the same block and signed them for a specific pattern. Another one I did was birthday blocks, where each person chose colors they really wanted, and each person in the group made them a block for their birthday. I got 16 blocks and I still have not put them together but they are wonderful and I can't wait to get them put together. The thing is when I get that quilt made it will be mine, and I get to keep it. I am looking forward to that more than you would think. I currently do not have a quilt I have made for me. Most of my children and grandchildren do, but not me. I even have one made and started quilting for hubby.
  I did a small quilt exchange with another group and on the first exchange I never got my quilt from my partner. Next time I got it but it was kind of late. She did an excellent job and I love the quilt, it hangs over my sewing area so I can look at it often. Then the last one came in and I was so disappointed I could have cried. I did my best to make a quilt worthy of being a gift, and what I got back was a pre-printed panel quilted and bound. I am sure she did the best she could, but I was sad it was not at least pieced. That was when I decided not to do any further exchanges, I had too high of expectations and it wasn't fair to the other people in the exchange for me to expect so much. No, I did not tell her or anyone how disappointed I was,until now.  I emailed her to tell her thank you and that it came safely to me. I got no reply. Oddly this year I decided to give it one more try, and did the Easter post card exchange. I was not disappointed this time, with what I got back. What I was disappointed in was that the lovely lady I was to send to finally emailed me last Thurs. to let me know her pkg. finally got to her. Now I sent that to her two weeks, before Easter, so there was no reason for it to take so long getting to her. She has been so nice and understands ,it was not my fault, it was so late getting to her. She actually got a bonus post card because as I have told you all before the first one I made was too small to mail. Then the man at the post wouldn't let me mail either one without a envelope. So again I don't know if I will do any more exchanges, it just seems to be too iffy, and I have too many expectations. I know I am upset over the last one, and I may take another chance when I am over this one. So what kind of experiences have you had? I just wonder if my experiences are the norm, or if they are not. Please know I have no hard feelings to anyone in any of the before mentioned exchanges. Also nothing said here is to be taken as criticism I am sure everyone did the best the knew how to do.
I guess I may not have written what I thought out last week, but I said my due. Have a quilty week, or day until I have a chance to get back,

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