Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco De Mayo Lets Party!!!

Well, I had no intention of posting today I am actually  somewhat behind in my work. I am half way through the second day of not doing the work I need to on my quilt. I started out to just quilt today all day, then as you all know how it is things happened. I had to do something for hubby, then I had to fill out a form I got in the mail, things just went on from there. While looking at my email which I decided to go ahead and take the time to do since I was hours late in getting started. In the process I came across this great recipe that I just had to share. Please go to this lovely ladies website and check it out. I plan to make them to take to the party we are going to tonight. Old friends are getting together at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants for some good food and fellowship. I am sure some will enjoy a margarita or two and why not have these cup cakes for a desert too.

Okay I am off again to see if I can at least quilt for a couple of hours then go make the cupcakes and do my hair. Some where in the day I need to finish up the laundry too, I started it two days ago. hahaha.
Have a quilty day,

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Linda said...

Thanks for the link!
Have a great time tonight!