Wednesday, May 4, 2011

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Well, Hello there friends,
I have been quilting until my fingers are sore, and today I had to go out and replace my thimble. I have had what was called a leather dime thimble(coin thimble) since I began quilting. Now that may have been thirty years ago, or maybe a little less. I spent 6.99$ for my first one, the last one I bought was @10.49$ and today I spent 12.99$ . I know things have gone up over all those years and I really hated to have to buy a new one for twice what I paid for the first one. Mine is about done, but I will keep it for emergencies in the future. That is actually why I still have it now, and it is a good thing I did keep it. I seem to have lost the old new that I was using while making the Christmas crafts I made. I just saw it a month ago and now it is gone. I hope I will find it next time I do a clean up in the sewing room, but if not I have a new one now. The needle kept slipping between the leather and the metal disc that is called the dime or coin. That hurt, those quilting needles are almost as sharp on the thread end as the sharp end. I thought about taking a picture and posting it of the old and the new, but that would mean taking out the camera and hooking it up to the computer and ... Might take a whole 10 or 15 min. That means I just don't want to do it right now. hahaha
The title of my blog is the name of the Quiltmaker Magazine blog and it has the posting for the 
*100 Blocks Blog Tour. I don't have the linkup for you, but the book "100 Blocks " Volume 3 is to come out soon . I have 2, and believe I also own 1, but have not been able to find it. Anyway if you go to the different block designers blogs you can have a chance to win a new book for yourself. The designer will send out one with her autograph for one special comment. I am trying very hard to get one, so if you might like a chance to get one too you can stop by and comment until the 7th of the month. Good luck.
 I have some things I need to do so that I will get back to quilting so I am off for now.
Hoping you will have have a very quilty day,

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Linda said...

I really hate it when I punch the eye end of the needle into my finger! I've done that many times and it really hurts! Bleeds a little too!
If you figure the price of your thimble by dividing it by the number of years you will or have used it, it doesn't sound so expensive any more! That $13 thimble might last you at least 5 years. That is only $2.60 a year to protect those fingers! (And it could last a LOT longer than that!)