Monday, May 2, 2011

Just an Observation

 Hi all, I have had a busy few days, and I still have much to do. I am trying desperately to get this hand quilting project completed so I can deliver it to the lovely lady it belongs to. She has been kind and gracious and I want to please her.
Woo Hoo, hubby has gone back to his normal routine. Don't get me wrong, I love him and when he is doing what he needs to, he and I get along great. He has been on a forced vacation for the last week plus and has not had enough work to keep him busy, but we had no fore warning so we made no plans for fun. So when he is home, he wants me to do what he wants me to and not what I need to do. Having him back at work will make things easier for me to get my work done. That is after I finally get done with the stuff he still wants me to do.
  I mentioned last week I was doing an inventory of my mom's cake pans and accessories from her years of making cakes for customers.    Well, our printer is not working correctly, and since mother and daddy got their new computer their printer is so old it is not compatible with Windows 7. So I put the file on a stick and we went to Office Max to print it. While we were there waiting I noticed the two ladies standing beside us. Both ladies had a Vera Bradley bag and one took out a wallet that was also Vera Bradley. I have a wallet from her myself, but have chosen to make my own bags rather than support her business. So I asked one of the ladies if I might look inside and see how she finishes her seams. Then I noticed they were there to have something done to an EQ7 manual . I asked what they were having done with it, just out of curiosity. They told me that one of the ladies is a teacher and authorized something of EQ. They, then went on to tell me ,they were Vera Bradley snobs and would only have her bags, in the next breath, they told me they are in business together doing quilting and embroidery. Now is it just me or wouldn't it better serve their business to make their own bags and show off the quilting and embroidery they do. Leave someone else product on the shelf for others to purchase and hope that when they saw your work, they would prefer it over the mass produced. Purchased from a discount house or main stream department store. Just wondering?  I know I want people to love my stuff because it is uniquely my own, and not overly produced. Love it because they will not find three other ladies who have the same purse while out shopping.
As I said this is just an observation.
Have a lovely quilty day.

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Linda said...

I do agree with you, but not all quilters know how to sew items like bags. It takes a little more "seamstress" skill to make a bag. I've know ladies who pieced quilt tops and did beautiful quilting but who had never sewn a garment or anything that wasn't flat.
There are also people who chose to not spend time making things that are not part of their business.
It sounds like these ladies think people will think better of them if they are carrying a recognizable brand. That type of thing has never impressed me. If it makes them feel like higher class ladies, then good for them. I think most people would be more impressed if they carried something they had created themselves!