Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Work Today

Well, late in the afternoon yesterday I got a call from my old boss. She needed someone to work in the store doing what I did before they let me go. So I said yes, I may be crazy but I loved that job, and would love to go back. They are down a couple of people right now and if they would like me to fill in for one of them I would take it in a heart beat. I figure if I go do this I have a better chance of maybe getting the place.
Okay so on to other things, I have had the pattern for over a year for a large tote, called a Chubby Tote. I collected the fabrics I love and have carried them around for months. Today I cut them out, and I realized that I have enough to make two. I have almost enough home deco. fabrics to make one of just that. Then I also cut enough of my quilting fabrics for another one as well. Oh, and last night I got the top made from the pattern I showed you the other day. We read the pattern wrong and I don't have enough for a backing. So as soon as I figure out what to use for that I will get it quilted and make pictures.
Did I tell you I also had one of those wonderful light bulb moments late yesterday afternoon. I remembered that at quilt festival several years ago I bought some storage boxes for quilt blocks. I have all my past block of the month blocks that are made in them. So I went looking for them in hopes that I might find the missing pink and brown blocks and the missing bluebonnet blocks too. Bingo I found both, so now ,instead of having to find fabric to remake the blocks that are missing I can start getting the tops put together. I have been a busy girl the last few days, and I like it.
Well, I am off for tonight I hope you all have a very quilty week.


Mommarock said...

Sounds like exciting possibilities! I'm hoping for you that things work out wonderfully!! Happy Sewing!

Micki said...

Glad that you are enjoying all of your projects! Have fun1