Monday, February 21, 2011

This, That and the Other

Well, I am here and very glad to be here. I have been sick for a long time and I really hated to feel so bad. I did finish the Lizard top so here is a picture of it.

I sent one in an email to his mom and the little boy who it is for is very excited about it. I may even be able to get it layered this week. I am not having so much sinus pressure now.
Then I spent a good several hours with my old boss at the store on Fri. We talked about a lot of things and what we need to do to get some classes going. I brought home some books and other projects. We even got some fabric for one, I have never done anything like it, so I am looking forward to it. Here is the fabric and the picture in the book so you can see what I will be doing.

Then for the kids we thought we might do an upcycle using some old jeans. I may even provide the extra fabrics from my stash. I have so many  already cut and saved in the sizes that are so easy to store in my shoe size plastic boxes. Sorry the picture is on its side, I went in and changed it in my saved files and sure enough it came out sideways . Oh, well I did try.

So yall have a very quilty week and I will be back soon,

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