Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just a re view of the projects I just completed.

Well, as many of you will remember I was busily working on some projects last week that had to be finished quick.  I dropped them off at the store before I left town for the weekend, to visit my aunt who just had surgery. We came home very early Tue. morning and I just never got to the blog. I had to get caught up on all five emails and the snail mail as well.
So here is the wall hanging I have been working on.

Then I made a jeans recycle bag. I was also able to
use up some small scraps on the bag too.

Because of the pattern on the jeans it is hard to see that this is the back pocket on the jeans. I planned some of the cutting that made it a little easier to make than the pattern actually called for.
'Tomorrow I have a little fun to share with you. So until then have a very quilty day.

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