Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Life bites you in the B___ sometimes

Well, I have seen life from the floor this week. My daughter has the flu, I am pretty sure I am coming down with it myslef, and I lost my new job today. I have to be honest I didn't really love my new job, but I really needed the income and I was happy with that. Sadly the kind man I was working for is in need of prayer, his divorce is not going well for him.
I did finally figure out that I can get the first boarder, on the lizard quilt. It won't be in one piece for each side like the pattern shows, but it will work. That makes me feel better, and I can stop procrastinating. Well, I guess it wasn't really procrastinating, just fear. OK so they are the same thing, I know. LOL My son came last weekend and it was good to see him again. He will be back in a few weeks, for a concert at the rodeo then the next week for the car show.
Well, Looks like we are supposed to have more ice and snow tomorrow after every one gets to work. That is not good since they say it will be worse this week than last weeks was. As I said I am pretty sure I am coming down with the flu, so I will go for tonight. Thanks for all the responses to my last post, I really had fun with it and will be looking forward to getting us back to our scraps.
Have a quilty week,


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