Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I'm Back

   I guess feeling like garbage does not mean you can't get back to the sewing room. I went in today and the Lizard quilt is now a complete top. I can begin to get it together and ready for quilting. I may have to feel better for that since it does require my getting on the floor on my knees. When I hang my head down I begin to have some major pain in my head.  My lovely daughter was very sick last week as well, however she took the time even though she was sick and called the Dr. They put her on tamiflu and she was over it in five days and that put her on Fri. so she had an extra two days to get her strength back. I never made the call and here I am still feeling like cr___ . So take my advice and if you start to get the flu call the Dr. the first day, because they can only give it to you in the first 48 hours. It won't do any good after that.
I have a photo of the Lizard quilt with the first boarder on, the one I was afraid I would not have enough fabric for. In the middle of last week in my fuzzy mind, I realized I was making this quilt a full size quilt when I needed it to be a twin. So I took off a row of blocks and started adding borders. I am very happy with it and had enough fabric to make it work.
We are currently without water for the second day. The pipe from the street to the house had broken three times in the last two years, well I guess it is really three years. It is never at the same place it was last time, but it is always at a bad time. Hubby is always very busy with work and has no time to fix it. Yesterday my girls and I got out before dark and dug out the hole so it would be easier for him to try and work on it in the dark after he got off work. 
Well, I guess the photo isn't going to be on here tonight. I am so tired and I think I will make one of the whole top to show.
Have a quilty day and I will be back soon.

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