Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What Inspires You To Start a New Quilt?

Well Wayne over at Wayne Killingers Scketch Book , Has asked the question and I will ask you the same one. What Inspires you to start a new quilt? I also will answer that question for you today.
I can find any number of reasons to start a new quilt, they come in small ways and sometimes they come in a slap in the face way. Once in a while I am looking through a magazine or book and see a pattern I just love. Not necessarily a quilt pattern either. It can be a floor tile, or a painting or a wall hanging. Suddenly my mind is racing with ideas on how I could turn that into a quilt.
Sometimes I get out a sketch book and start sketching. Other times I just let it stew in my minds eye and meditate on how it could be done. Like right now I have had a pattern design in my head for a sweat shirt jacket for a couple of years. I know what I want, I just can't figure out how to execute it. So I wait, for inspiration of a different kind. I draw it out and redraw it, and then I keep on thinking.

Other times I feel compelled to design something wonderful that I can offer up for sale. You know what I mean that one thing that will make ,not just one persons life better, but many lives. That is usually when I start wandering around on the internet and looking at other blogs and find that someone else has already done that one. So I shelf it and move on, or I try and make it better, than theirs.
I seem to also have an inflated opinion of my talents, and abilities sometimes. Not that I am boastful or proud. I just believe in what I have done and what I can do, that is when I see a quilt and I want to make one, only better.
I have done very little with the idea, however in the back of my mind I want to use two or three blocks that completely disappear into the quilt top and you can't find where one starts and the next one stops. It just looks so complicated and beautiful and together. Then when you see the directions you go,"Oh my how could I have missed that."
Then last year 2010, I decided to challenge myself. I set out to make quilts that had qualities and parts that I had never done. I wanted to stretch myself and see what I was made of.

Well, I found out I was made of more than I thought, and I like stretching. I like making quilts that don't make everyone say " I could have done that, it is an easy quilt." I like surprising people and doing something new.
Just the other day I was thinking about my Aunt, who has helped me to be who I am in my quilting. I want to make her a quilt that will make her feel all warm and fuzzy when she sees it and uses it. Something that makes her say I am part of this even though I don't quilt.
So, that is what inspires me, what inspires you to start a new quilt??? Let me know, and have a quilty day.


Wayne Kollinger said...


Your girl in the red dress is fabulous. I've always said that if I never see another Sunbonnet Sue, it will be too soon. but your version of this old standard has made me eat my words. It is excellent.

West Michigan Quilter said...

It's not an inflated ego. It's you giving of yourself. Isn't that what all artists do? Keep up the good work. We need inspired artists like you who are willing to give and share and design something beautiful.

Micki said...

For me, if I want to change the look of our bedroom, I decide to make a quilt. Then, I have to decide on either a pieced, applique, or paper pieced quilt.

thecuriousquilter said...

For me it is all about the fabric. It calls to me, makes me want to create something with it. Then to horde every teeny scrap and use it all. Quilts that come from the fabric are my favorite starting point.

Then there are those ideas that lurk about forever, and finally I decide to jump in and make them. Funny, those can be the hardest ones for me to pick fabrics for, but often become favorites.

Last choice in what makes me start a quilt, a 'necessary' gift. Making quilts that reflect the owner and remain true to me can be challenging.

Your take on Sunbonnet Sue is delightful!

- Mary, The Curious Quilter