Monday, October 25, 2010

Does any one remember?

Hi there ladies and gentlemen, I have been reading blogs and looking around, at things. It caused me to wonder, if any one remembers reading the blogs I did on scraps and how to control them? I have been making a lot of scraps while working on all these projects. I made a lot of them last year too, then I had a major project that I went straight into after the craft show, so I just kind of boxed them up and put them away. I have a similar issue this year, with the next set of quilts to finish. I have the hand quilting project to complete and then I also have two other quilts I will need to finish. I took a commission a week or so ago that is to complete a quilt she started and then make one from the fabrics she picked out and then realized she just wasn't gonna make it.
Anyway back to the scraps, I have the boxes that I have cut up in sets of 2", 3 1/2 ", 5", and any strip that is one inch or wider. Then I have them pre-cut ready to use for quilts. I tried to do 7" as well, but don't have a box that will hold them so decided not to. I showed you the Dresden plates that I was making a couple of months ago. Well I used the 3 1/2" squares to make two petals of the plates, so I am still finding new things to do with my scraps. What are you doing with your scraps and are you controlling yours in a particular way? If so why don't you write a guest blog for me and teach us a new way to control our scraps. I am not sure how I will post it, but we can figure that out.
Well, have a quilty day and I will talk to you again soon.

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