Monday, October 18, 2010

Home Again

Hello, friends I have had such a wonderful weekend off. My family and I all packed up and went to Port Aransas on Padre Island last Thursday. We had  such a good time. The water was clear and just the right temp. and the sun was bright and hot. I have a nice little burn to prove that last one. I used a sun block, but I think it may have been that it washed off while I was playing in the Gulf. We met some friends there and enjoyed visiting with them.
Now I am back to work on my craft show. I have four weeks to get everything made that I need to. We had our last meeting last night for the show and I am both excited and scared.
I got the loveliest email when I got home from Mimi the winner of our give away last month. She is pretty excited about her gift and that made my day.
I will have some photos of the coast to show you later. I have not taken the time to put them on the computer. I must say getting caught up on my emails took more of my day than I would have thought. I had well over 200 emails in the three addresses that I have, plus Face book and I still haven't checked my Twitter. 
So I am off to the sewing room again to get back to work on my latest crafts I have been working on today.
Do have a lovely quilty day and I will talk to you again soon.

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Micki said...

Sounds like you are having a very happy, creative time.