Saturday, October 2, 2010


We, all have heroes from all areas of our lives and they influence us in different ways. I have lots of heroes in my life and I am sure you do to. Some of the biblical heroes I have are Abraham, and Paul. Can you imagine the faith it took for Abraham to just pack his stuff and move, because God said to, and then he also said Oh, bye the way I will tell you where to go and when you get there, so just go. I think about my life and my quilting and wonder if I could do that. Then there is Paul and he was beaten, stoned, ship wrecked, and imprisoned and he still made the choice to tell the people around him the gospel. Wow!!!
Then I have emotional heroes, the wife of my pastor, is the happiest person alive, I think. She has never had a bad thing to say to me about anyone, she smiles even when things are bad. She always has a good word for every one, and she almost never forgets a birthday, or anniversary. She is one of my heroes.
Well, in our quilting we all have heroes too. I don't mean just the names we see on the book covers and the TV shows, I mean the quilters in your past who may be the reason you are a quilter. I have a few heroes like that too. My Great Grandmother, is one of them, she quilted, crocheted, and embroidered, and she was meticulous in the work she did. I am not sure where my favorite quilt is, but as soon as I find it I will take some pictures and show you the first quilt that was the seed to my quilting. Then there are my mother and my grandmother as well. Now I never saw any of these family members quilt, in my life, I did however sleep under some quilts they made all of my life. Then, when I was a young mother of three little girls, I met this wonderful lady at Bible study. She came to do a show and tell and tell us about quilting and how to. Well, little did she know that she was igniting the spark that had lain dormant in my creative nature for who knows how long. I had one piece of paper with me that day and it was printed with the words to the song we were going to sing later in the presentation. I still have it somewhere and there is not a single spot on that paper that is not printed on, that I didn't use to take notes. Mind you this was a one hour talk, and it was the basis of my beginning quilting. I lost touch with this woman for several years, then one day I went to the Austin Quilt guilds show, and one of the quilts on display was made by the lady who kicked off my quilting career. She had an award and it was a truly lovely quilt. So needless to say she is one of my heroes in life.
Well, I told you I would post a photo of my latest quilt when I got the chance to and here it is, with some insets .


Well, as always, have a very quilty week and I will talk to you soon,


QuiltSue said...

Thank you for a thought provoking post.

I love the coffee fabrics in your latest quilt.

Micki said...

Your quilt is lovely and I really enjoyed your post.