Sunday, October 24, 2010

Still Here and working hard

Well, I am sorry for being so long getting back on and updating. I have learned some things and made a lot of nice things. I may  not have made enough things but I have sure been busy. So just to keep my reputation I shall add some photos today, well tonight. I have tried all day to get on here and do this but for what ever reason I am just now getting to it.
Hubby just went to bed and my girls are out strolling thru Austin on a walking ghost tour of downtown Austin, TX. They went with a friend who has been before, but was looking forward to the special one they do during the month of Oct. Apparently they have places they go only during the witching month. I personally do not believe in celebrating Halloween, but my girls enjoy carving pumpkins and so for the last few years they have had a party to carve them. I have pictures of that as well. So lets get things started.
Here are the first pictures of the things I have been making this week.

Well, try as I might this will not go bact to being upright and I have changed it in my files as well. Sorry!!

This is the back of the table runner I made, so now for the front of it.

This is one I kind of made it up, I saw one I really liked and I didn't really want to pay for it so I just decided to make one up. Well, it worked okay except that I didn't have as much fabric as I needed so one end it different from the other. I didn't show the bad end, LOL.

Well, I am a little disappointed that I have only three things to show you. I worked so hard this week, and I put in 10 or 12 hours a day, so why is it I only have three things to show. I made many more things but they are small. I had fun using my embroidery machine though to make this one.

Okay so this is the only one I am going to add, of the fun Pumpkin Carving party from this year.
Well, I have missed all of you so much while I have been so busy and out of town, so I will try to make a bigger effort this week to get on and post, even while I am working. So please enjoy your week and have a very quilty week.

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QuiltSue said...

Looking forward to seeing photos of what you've been making.