Friday, May 7, 2010

working things out

Well, I still have not had a chance to get the photos done so I can post them, but I do have one I want to show you. My hubby is working on a cradle for one of our lovely bartenders. We spend date night at the same place every week. Since we do we have gotten to know the people there very well. So one of the bartenders has started working days, since the baby is due in June. We miss her but we do love the new one too. Anyway I wanted to let you see his work, so here is a picture of him and the cradle in progress.
Now we are a little further along so I will show this one too. 
So today I found the perfect piece of chenille and I got some brown binding to use on it. We know it is a girl, and the pink is the color she is using. So as part of the cradle we go with the lovely pink. 
I have to go for now and maybe I will finally get some quilt pictures taken and posted soon. We have cousins coming in to town this week for the weekend, so it may be next week, but soon.
Have a quilty weekend and lovely Mothers Day all the mothers out there. 

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Micki said...

What a gorgeous cradle! My dad used to be good at building furniture like that.