Monday, May 24, 2010

Cradle Update

Well, the shower has come and gone and I thought I might show you the pictures of the complete Cradle my hubby made. Thought I might show  just a few of the things I made to go with it too. We had fun making all of it and I hope he will make one for our daughters when they need them, but at least one of them may have to use the one she was in as a baby. LOL He enjoyed making this but said it would be along time before he made another on. Seemed to take too long to paint more than anything.

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marilynd said...

Tennye, the cradle is beautiful. Well done to Hubby. It reminds me of the one my hubby made when we were expecting our first child. That cradle is now being used by that first child's own first child - yes little Harry. (had his pic on CQ recently). So far our cradle has been used for our 4 children and for 4 grandchildren. It has been repainted a few times as well.