Thursday, April 29, 2010

Buzy Day

Well, I have been doing some research today and some writing and I will be off to do some sewing in a little while. The class I am writing is not so much a different class, than most I am sure. I however am having so much fun writing it. The class is based on a fairly old quilting process, and the different methods of doing it. So I have started the description with just a short little history lesson and then for added fun I am writing journal entries for various fictitious women in differing stages of life as they are using the method for that lesson. I always thought I would like to be novelist , but didn't really get the full concept of sentence structure and all that technical stuff that an author must know. I guess you could say I am a wing it kind of girl, and that is how I write. It isn't for everyone and makes others think I am crazy, but oddly enough I talk and write about the same. Lucky for you I try to go back a re-read these post so they don't sound too bad. LOL
You know just for a little change of pace I have decided to make a snugly baby afghan for a friend who's baby girl is due in June. I have not done much crochet since I started making large bed quilts. I just love to quilt so much I find it hard to make myself take time out to make anything else even  clothing although I will have to do that soon too as I am out of clothes. Don't ask why?? Lets just say I may still be growing,not in a good way. Too much time to sit and do nothing while I was having that pity party over not having a job. Well, glad that is over and I am finally doing something other than partying. Hahaha
Well, I was checking Twitter a little bit ago and the red headed quilter reminded me that if I want things to change I have to do something about it. That is not what she posted, but it is what I got out of her post. So I am off to do some sewing. I expect to finish this quilt today. I will see if one of my girls will help me take photos tonight and then post them tomorrow or Sat. Until then have a very quilty week.

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Micki said...

Sounds like you have some neat projects planned! Enjoy them!